AMIG-7186 Stug III Mid & Late Colors 1944 to 1945 Set

AMMO-MIG - Acrylic Colors Set. 6 jars 17ml.

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 - A collection of colours that allows the modeller easily paint all the variants of the STUG III family from mid-1944 to early 1945.

 - With this set, you can easily reproduce the distinctive camouflage schemes used late in the war.

 - These six acrylic colours are accurately matched and slightly lightened to compensate for the scale effect.

  1. Water soluble
  2. Odourless and non-toxic
  3. 17ml bottle with stainless steel agitator
  4. Dry completely within 24 hours 

Products included:

  • A.MIG-0001 ACRYLIC COLOR RAL 6003 Olivgrün Opt. 1
  • A.MIG-0004 ACRYLIC COLOR RAL 6011 B Resedagrün
  • A.MIG-0011 ACRYLIC COLOR RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb AUS '44 DG I
  • A.MIG-0012 ACRYLIC COLOR RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb AUS '44 DG III
  • A.MIG-0014 ACRYLIC COLOR RAL 8012 Rotbraun
  • A.MIG-0015 ACRYLIC COLOR RAL 8017 Schokobraun

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