AMIG-6025 IA-58 Pucará Visual Modelers Guide

AMMO MIG  (Multilingual)

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 - The IA-58 Pucará was an Argentinean ground-attack and COIN aircraft that gained international fame for its participation in the Falklands War of 1982.

This title features 62 pages, with over 150 high quality photographs including rarely seen details and 2 fully detailed color profiles with camouflage and markings.

This Visual Guide references the most important and lessor known details of this unique aircraft in full detail.

A compilation of detailed photographs shows the most important and undocumented details of this fascinating subject. This title includes a photo reference guide for both internal and external details including interior details, engine compartment, and the often-overlooked external details features. Enjoy this fun and easily referenced resource book to analyze the interior and exterior details of the aircraft through in-depth photographs and detailed explanations. Also included for modelers are illustrations of the camouflage schemes with full color and detailed profiles.

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