MIN-20GER007 UNL-35 AFV - Single model (Spanish civil war)


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 - One bagged, easy assembly resin model kit; it consists of just 11 parts, including 2 white metal MGs and 2 headlights, metallic too. A convenient reinforcement for your armoured unit –or just for giving the model a try!

 - UNL-35 was an armored car manufactured in Spain. It was loosely inspired by the Soviet BA-20, although showing much higher performance. UNL-35 was developed in Unión Naval de Levante(UNL) workshops under the direction of engineer Nicolai Alimov. Went into service in mid-1937 and participated in all fronts, in an approximate number of 200.

At the end of war, a few managed to cross the French border, being then seized by the French army. After the defeat of France, the Germans took over the surviving UNL-35s and re-deployed them in the Balkans and Russia.



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