AK-298 Condemnation. When Modeling Becomes Art and Art is a Social Denounce


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 - Spanish edition. 196 pages. Semi Hard Cover. Only printed version, no digital.

 Nowadays the Human Being is losing ground in terms of their own rights. We are suffering from excessive racism, pandemics, global warming of the planet, and many other social injustices of all kinds.

For this reason, we have wanted to cry out to heaven and condemn all kinds of action that violate the fundamental rights of the Human Being, established by the United Nations in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

We are convinced that it is a good time to vindicate modeling as an artistic expression, and through this, to value our concerns and reconsider the behaviors of human beings.

In this book you will find very hard dioramas, loaded with social criticism but created from our deepest respect to the topics discussed. It is the first publication rated for those over 18 years of age due to the harshness of its content. The work has been very difficult. The result, can be judged by yourself.

All of us, the ones who have participated in this book are very proud of having worked on it, the results and the sense of belonging to this unstoppable team of people.

 - A part of the incomes of the first edition is destined to help the NGO Etiovida for the reconstruction and development of Ethiopia.


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