AMIG-6144 Propellers Planes 1/144 Vol. 1

 AMMO MIG - (English & Spanish)

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 - This book is Multilingual, including texts in English &Spanish language. Soft cover, 144 pages with high-quality full colour photographs.

 - 1/144 is arguably the aircraft scales that has seen more growth in recent times, attracting a large number of followers, especially due to the high quality detail currently achieved by the manufacturers. This scale has many advantages, but its main benefit is that it allows us to model the largest planes, which in larger scales are frequently too big to display or store at home once finished. Another great advantage is the simplicity and speed of assembly and painting of these models, which makes them very enjoyable and addictive. In addition, its small size facilitates the creation of small scenes and dioramas of manageable and practical sizes.

In this book you will discover, thanks to the guidance of master modellers and through detailed step-by-step articles, all the keys to assemble, detail, paint and weather any 1/144th scale propeller aircraft, from large bombers or airliners to small fighter planes. In addition, the final chapter includes a detailed article that shows you the fundamental aspects of diorama construction to display your 1/144th scale aircraft in an appropriate setting.

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