AND-US24-F01 The Thrust AD 80


 -The Thrust AD 80 (1:24) (La estocada)
Scenic Base and Leaflet included
Ready to assemble cast resin and metal kit.

 - The Romans invaded Scotland (then called Caledonia) in late 1st century AD. There they meet a formidable enemy: the Picts. These Celtic warriors emerged unexpectedly from the woods in a hit-and-run movement that took the confident Romans totally by surprise, striking when their guard was down.
Roman infantry was but poorly fitted to confront an adversary like that. When they took over a Pict village, the warriors would immediately moved to another one and prepared to strike back; so constantly frustrating the theoretically superior Roman forces by refusing to fight in their way…

Any reconstruction about how Pict culture really was has forcibly to rely on period Roman accounts, in most cases foggy and scarce, as by the side of the Picts themselves there are little more than a scattered handful of archaeological remains. According with some modern historians the Picts weren’t a particularly fierce people and lived in peace until the arrival of the Romans. A peculiar notion anyway when considering their proved military efficacy against the invaders and the fact that Scotland never surrender to them.

This miniature composition depicts a symbolic encounter between a Roman legionary and a Pict sword man about to succumb to the fatal thrust of one of the famous gladius that conquered the ancient world but failed to submit the Picts…

Design by elSobreatic