VLM-1 Austro Daimler “Sascha” 13th Targa Florio, 1922

VELASOR 1/32  - Slot Car

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 - This ADS-R is a faithful reproduction of the first version of the legendary car from 1922. It is built by hand and assembled with more than 200 pieces of different materials, such as resin, metal, leather, wood and customised using different techniques such as moulds, 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, photo-engraved metal and turned parts. Finally, these are assembled by hand to form the 1st Velasor reference.

  - Limited edition: 250 Units

  • • VLM 1 – 1/32 Slot Car
  • • Book with the history of the Sascha, F. Porsche and the Targa Florio.
  • • Specifications card with the characteristics of the scale model.
  • • Certificate of authenticity.
  • • VC1 key

     - This ADS-R has several moving and actionable parts as well as removable parts that make this 1st model a reference with high finishes and maximum faithfulness.



    1.- Rotating starter crank.
    2.- Radiator cap with two positions, retracted and opened by turning the cap.
    3.- Engine with moving ventilation propeller.
    4.- Workable engine hood, held by a removable strap and adjustable with buckles.
    5.- Detailed chassis with fuel tanks and various brake cables.
    6.- 6.- Functional front and rear leaf springs.


    7.- Moving front and rear shock absorbers.
    8.- Front and spare wheels with threaded central nut, removable with ‘VC1’ key.
    9.- Workable rear box with flexible fastening and leather roll-up tools case.
    10.- Cabin interior with oil pressure stain, pedals and actionable handbrake lever.
    11.- Removable mudguard.
    12.- The figures, painted by hand, are a faithful reproduction of the real characters who raced with the “Sascha”.






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