ZVD-6215 Battle for Moscow, 1941 Board Game

 ZVEZDA 1/72 -1/100 Art of Tactic World War II Starter Set 

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 - The newest Art of Tactic World War II Starter Set - Battle for Moscow, 1941 - offers a new challenge to confront Soviet and German commanders on the Eastern Front: the deadly Russian winter!   Stand-alone starter set also fully compatible with all World War II Art of Tactic games and miniatures!   Introduces new winter weather rules, boards, and terrain pieces!   Features all-new sculpts for German and Soviet soldiers in winter uniforms and the new T-35 Soviet tank!    Includes 19 highly detailed and historically accurate plastic model units—more than 60 individual models!

Battle for Moscow, 1941 includes 19 plastic unit models (some assembly required), 8 plastic fortification models, 6 double-sided game boards, 30 terrain hexes, 6 plastic elevation hexes, 8 smoke markers, 2 fire markers, 19 unit cards, 10 dice, 2 water-based markers, decals, game cards, game rules, and scenario booklet. 

Game Contents: Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. B (1:100 Scale), Panzer III (1:100 Scale), Panzer IV (1:100 Scale), BMW R12 Motorcycle (1:72 Scale), 3 x German Infantry (1:72 Scale), German Machine Gun Crew (1:72 Scale), German HQ (1:72 Scale), German 81mm Mortar (1:72 Scale), T-35 (1:100 Scale), Soviet 85mm Anti-Aircraft Gun (1:72 Scale), 2 x Soviet Militia (1:72 Scale), Soviet Infantry (1:72 Scale), Soviet Skiers (1:72 Scale), Soviet 82mm Mortar (1:72 Scale), Soviet HQ (1:72 Scale), Soviet Machine Gun Crew (1:72 Scale), 1 set of fortifications, 6 double sided game boards, 50 double sided terrain hexes, 6 elevation hexes, Barbed Wire, Smoke Markers, Dragon's Teeth, Pontoon Bridge, Fire Markers, Pillbox, 10 dice, 2 water based markers, Game Rules, Scenario booklet.

Complete WWII boardgame with miniatures.  Miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


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